How to prep for a house move

The mortgage is arranged, and a completion date has been set. All that remains to do is move into the property and start making it your new home. However, if you are looking to move a large number of items, it’s a good idea to have a plan for where everything will go and how it will get to the new home. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

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What Equipment Do You Need For A Skiing Holiday?

If you’re heading on a skiing holiday, you’ll need specialist equipment, which you’ll need to pack along with your normal cold weather gear. You may want to hire a ski suit, or you can buy one from the resort. Either way, it’s important to pack as much as possible to ensure you’re comfortable on the slopes. Depending on the length of your holiday, skis and snowboards can be costly to hire, so consider the cost before you buy.

You can also invest in specialist ski socks, called ‘tubes’, which keep your feet dry and don’t dig into your tight ski boots. You’ll also need ski goggles, which can either be purchased in advance or bought at the resort. You’ll need both ski and non-ski gloves. You might also want a regular scarf to wear over your face.

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In addition to the basic ski equipment, you’ll also need a helmet, snowboard boots, and poles. If you’re a first-timer, you’ll want to rent a snowboard and ski equipment as opposed to buying your own and transporting it with you. For seasoned skiers, consider getting your kit to the airport by using Van Hire Bristol available at

Your ski jackets are another important piece of equipment. Not only do they protect you from the cold, but they are also comfortable and practical. Ski jackets are generally padded and protect your body from wind and rain. While they’re comfortable, they’re also a bit bulky for everyday use.

You’ll also need a small first-aid kit. While you’re away skiing, there are bound to be bumps and bruises. Having Voltarol or Deep Heat on hand can be extremely useful. You’ll also want to carry a few painkillers for swelling and a few plasters for blisters.

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Your ski clothing includes a base layer and a midlayer. Your base layer should be waterproof and breathable. A midlayer should be made of wool, synthetic material, or fleece. A pair of ski gloves is also essential. These gloves should also be waterproof and offer enough dexterity to hold onto your ski poles.

A daypack is also a must-have item. You can keep a water bottle and snacks in it, and use the daypack as a storage area for other essential items. You should also bring a waterproof cover for your daypack.

A ski holiday can be fun, but it’s important not to leave packing until the last minute. Planning ahead will ensure that you’re ready for the weather and for any unexpected incidents that may occur.


Cheltenham – More than Just a Horse Racing Town

Cheltenham is a beautiful town that is situated in Gloucestershire. For most people, it is most well known for the horse racing at Prestbury park – Gold Cup week in March attracts thousands of visitors to the town.

However, as well as being a great place to visit for the festival, there is much more to Cheltenham that attracts visitors as well as people looking to live there long term. If you are thinking of moving to Cheltenham, get in touch with local companies like these letting agents Cheltenham who have a good knowledge of the area.

Here are just a few facts about Cheltenham…

Cheltenham has produced many famous people – A range of famous people have been born and lived in Cheltenham. Gustav Holst the famous composer best known for the planets, Edward Adrian Wilson, the Antarctic explorer who sadly lost his life on the infamous trip with Robert Falcon Scott. The museum and art gallery ‘The Wilson’ is named after him. It is also where Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones and Olympic diver Leon Taylor grew up.

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It is the Centre of UK Espionage – Cheltenham is the headquarters for Government surveillance. GCHQ was set up after the second world war. This was an important centre of intelligence during the Cold war and continues to be so nowadays. The doughnut building as it is known was opened by the Queen in 2003 and is Cheltenham’s most secretive landmark. It protects the UK against cyber crime and its intelligence helps to keep the country safe.

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It is a Regency Town – It is in fact not just a regency town, but the most complete regency town in England. The spa waters of the town were what made it so attractive to the wealthier folk of society hundreds of years ago, and because of this the beautiful buildings and architecture sprung up to support the town’s wealthy visitors. These beautiful buildings take you back to a bygone era. From the town hall, which was built to hold balls and parties, as well as the Pittville pump room, where you could access the famous spa waters, it is a great place to walk around and take in.

Three Ancient Places to Explore near Tullamore

Ireland is a country that is full of history and there are many places that you can go in the country to see the evidence of the people that lived here thousands of years ago. If you are looking for a good base from which to explore the historical sites of Ireland, head to Tullamore.

In the centre of Ireland, you will be within easy access of many ancient sites, as well as the beautiful walks in the surrounding countryside. Tullamore is a great place to be as it has all that you need and more – from great places to drink to shops like Vodafone Tullamore, and of course places to stay.

Here are just a few of the places that are within easy reach of Tullamore…

St. Colmcille’s Well – This ancient well is found in a beautiful setting of trees. It dates back thousands of years, before Christianity in Ireland and is believed to have been blessed by Colmcille when he stopped here on a journey to drink.

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Clonmacnoise Castle – The ruins of the castle are all that remain of what was once a castle that stood proudly over the river Shannon. It is easy to still see the traditional motte and bailey style of the original castle.

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The Clonfinlough Stone – This stone dates back to the bronze age as do the carvings which decorate its surface. It is known that a bronze age settlement was once nearby.

Three Haunted Places Near Bath to Visit this Halloween

Halloween is on the way and as the season changes and the cold envelops us, one of the best cities to visit for spooky stories is Bath. As well as being a modern city that has many businesses such as Chippendale and Clark accountants Bath is also a place full of history and intrigue. Here are some spooky local stories to explore this Halloween…

Sally in the Woods – This is one of the most eerie and enduring local stories. Its local reputation precedes it and is one of the most haunted spots in the UK. The beautiful country road on the outskirts of the city may look as pretty as any other but it is in fact home to a ghostly young girl who has been seen by locals running across the road and also heard screaming. Even many locals dare not drive down here after sunset.

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Shepton Mallet Prison – A place which once housed some of the most notorious criminals in Britain is of course a place which is likely to have some ghostly goings on. This is reportedly the most haunted prison in Britain and is home to many phantoms, including the White lady and Captain Philip Ryal. The prison does run ghost tours so if you fancy a spooky scare this Halloween you know where to go.

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Francis Hotel – In the centre of Bath this beautiful hotel is full of luxury and a popular place for visitors to the city to stay. However, it is said to be haunted by a former housekeeper who hung herself whilst working here. Strange sounds have been reported in the hotel such as tapping, scraping and scratching noises.

4 Tips for Summertime Concealed Carry

Have you ever considered how the changing seasons impact how you carry your gun? The heat of summer and the change of wardrobe that comes with it can present a challenge to some gun owners, but a little preparation can make a big difference.

1. Use a Smaller Gun

You throw on your leggings and T-shirt and head out for your run, but where to put the gun? Unless you have concealed carry clothes for summer in your closet this can be a challenge. Experienced gun owners suggest using a smaller gun in the summer. Smaller guns have a lower profile and can be more easily concealed beneath lighter summer garments. Just be sure you’ve been practicing with it since every gun handles differently.

2. Avoid Chaffing

Warmer weather means your gun is often closer to your skin than normal to accommodate summer clothing. This can lead to chaffing because let’s face it, guns don’t breathe. One way to avoid the chaff is to use an anti-chaffing cream or powder before strapping on your gun.

3. Wear Darker Colors

Maybe not the preference in summer but darker colors, especially on lighter fabrics, make it more difficult to see the outline of a concealed weapon. Darker colors also tend to be less see-through than lighter colors allowing you to keep your gun truly concealed.

4. Consider Long, Loose, and Patterned

Summer is a great excuse to wear vibrant patterns, and long, loose-fitting clothes. Not only does loose clothing allow for more air circulation it can allow you to carry with fewer fears of your gun being seen. Likewise, patterned dresses, skirts, and tops readily camouflage the outline of our weapon better than many lighter solid colors.

With a little planning and experimentation, you can enjoy all the fun and warmth of summer while still comfortably carrying concealed.

Texas Holiday Travel Tips

Holidays and other special occasions often mean long-distance trips to visit family and friends. The holidays can be especially hectic times and getting from one end of Texas to the other can be a real challenge. Unfortunately, many holiday travelers dread rather than joyfully anticipate such treks.

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