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We often take for granted the space above us. It could be that you miss out on a stunning skyline while walking in the park, or forget about the space above your roof when at home. Your roof is incredibly important as it is one of the key parts of making your home its own little environment and when doing anything to your roof you should enlist the services of a professional .

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Solar Panel Installers Avonmouth are a popular choice for many homeowners. Not only does it help reduce the negative impact of non-renewable sources on the environment, but it also can lower your energy bill. Rooftop spaces are a great way to use the space available on your roof, especially flat roofs. Find out more by visiting a site such as solarpanelinstallerssw.co.uk/domestic-solar-panel-installers/avonmouth

No matter the size of your rooftop, you can create a garden. However, it’s a good idea first to consult your roofing contractor to ensure that your plants will not interfere with your roof construction or its waterproofing properties. Rooftop gardens are popular, however, and are found all over the world.

Rooftop spaces are common in New York City, especially at the tops of apartment buildings. This is a great way to enjoy the spectacular skyline of this city. Tribeca Penthouse Garden, for instance, boasts impressive wooden patio-style areas surrounded with prairie-style grasses and a stainless steel hot tub. There is no better way to spend a moonlit evening than in a hot tub located on the roofs of New York!

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You could easily be mistaken in Milan for thinking that the rooftop gardens are just standard garden areas. These designers have created some amazing green spaces. One in particular is Romolo’s Private Terrace. Three distinct areas were created on this rooftop, including a lounge area, dining area and a cosy relaxation area. All of these spaces are open-plan. The areas are delineated by a series of planters. These planters contain geraniums of various varieties, sedums, and Japanese maples.

Rooftop spaces can be used as relaxation areas, cosy areas to enjoy the night sky or even to grow your own fruit and vegetables. They also serve as a useful space to install sustainable sources of energy production, such as solar panels, for example.

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