Eat healthily

Why is it important to eat healthily?

When combined with exercise, a healthy diet can help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol, and improve your body’s daily functioning. The Food Guide Pyramid Department of Agriculture of the United States of America (USDA) divides food into six basic …

Makeup mistakes

Makeup mistakes that weaken your lashes

We all dream of having long and populated lashes. However, sometimes this is not possible because of our genetic component, but also because we may be making mistakes when we put on make-up, which makes them weaken and break, making …

acne home remedies

Acne home remedies: fight it with these home remedies

Acne is one of those inevitable diseases that appear regularly at puberty. If not treated responsibly, can aggravate and affect the skin of people. Acne home remedies and other good practices become essential to fight it successfully.

Dairy products and their health benefits

Dairy products and their health benefits

More than strong bones, dairy products have a lot to offer you with just one serving. From proteins, fats, vitamins, and antioxidants, milk products are part of a balanced diet to keep you healthy and energized. Learn more about its health benefits.

How to plant a tree

How to plant a tree? Steps to achieve it successfully

They say that one of the things you must do before dying is to plant a tree. With this, you are not only helping the planet Earth but you also give yourself a moment of fullness and connection with the …

bearberry facts

The bearberry facts, ideal medicine for urinary infections

Bearberry is a medicinal plant with excellent benefits against many urinary tract infections. Such as cystitis, vaginitis or urethritis. Due to its antiseptic and antibacterial action. Let’s know the bearberry facts. 

civil wedding ceremony

Development of the civil wedding ceremony

Far from the formalities of religious bonds, civil weddings offer greater freedom to the couple. However, they also follow a previously marked program or script. We discover it to you next. In this article, we are going to discuss the …

How do you know if you are pregnant?

How do you know if you are pregnant?

How do you know if you are pregnant? Some of the following symptoms may help you know if you are in sweet waiting. Symptoms are like: Amenorrhea Morning Disorders Sensitive breasts Cravings Frequent urination Fatigue Bleeding Follow our recommendations and …

Life after 60 how to enjoy

Life after 60 how to enjoy | Wellness Tips for Old Person

Are you reached 60? Are you confused about life after 60 how to enjoy? The 60 years can be a very interesting time in a person’s life. With more experience and more wisdom, you can better enjoy the days to …

Manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Amazing Tips to Manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome is a common condition in women. We suggest amazing important tips to keep in mind if you are suffering from this evil in your daily life. Irritable bowel syndrome became a topic of conversation in women: it …

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Studies on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in Infants

Careful parents: Leaving a new-born baby asleep on a couch can be very dangerous. This is confirmed by a recent study in the United States on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.