It is common practice for company directors to sign personal director guarantees on loans for their business. A personal director guarantee can be a necessary way to release credit lines that would not otherwise be accessible; however, company directors need to do their homework and take legal advice from a firm such as to […]

Creating businesses from home is an activity that you can consider for 2023 because it is a good time to generate the extra income you were looking for or change your lifestyle to that of an entrepreneur. In this article, we give you 10 ideas to undertake at home. Are you waiting for the best […]

A transfer of equity is a legal process that involves changing the ownership structure of a property. This can be particularly useful when dealing with multiple properties, allowing for efficient management and potential tax benefits. Engaging a solicitor specialising in transfer of equity, such as Parachute Law.  Solicitors can offer valuable assistance in navigating this […]

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