Ultimate Guideline to the Best thermal paste for CPUs in 2023

Ultimate Guideline to the Best thermal paste for CPUs in 2023

PC enthusiasts often get confused about choosing the best thermal paste. Don’t be guys, we are here to choose the best ones for you. Read on this guide to find out the best thermal paste for your CPU.

Modern Computer produces heats a lot and its effects on CPUs performance. The performance of the system entirely depends on the temperature of the computer. Thermal paste makes the computer perform perfectly by decreasing the temperature.

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Roy J Plunkett got us all out of a sticky situation

A lot of the things that make our modern lives easier are things that we give little thought to. But of course, someone at some point in history has come up with all the useful things that we have, both large and small and has used inventions to improve the way that we live our lives.

One of the scientists whose name most people will not recognise – Roy J Plunkett but came up with something that makes all of our lives easier – Teflon is the brand name, and it is a type of coating that most of us will recognise as the thing that has made cooking so much easier for us, as it stops food from sticking to our pots and pans!

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It is also used in car manufacturing, construction and even on your hair straighteners! PTFE coating like this https://www.poeton.co.uk/standard-treatments/electroless-nickel-ptfe/ is one of the modern types of non-stick coating, and it has revolutionised many of the things that we use on a daily basis. So just who was Roy J Plunkett and how did he discover this versatile and useful product?

Roy was born in 1910 and worked during the great depression in America on a farm. He had an interest in chemistry and went to study it at College in Indiana, where he shared a room with scientist Paul Flory, who went on to become a Nobel prize winner! After he finished at Indiana the pair both also went on to study for a doctorate in his home state of Ohio.

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After he finished his education, he went on to work at DuPont, and his job when he first started working there was to research the chemicals used in modern refrigerators – chlorofluorocarbons. Earlier refrigerators had used chemicals such as ammonia, which had been poisonous to the people who made the refrigerators, so these new chemicals were something that everyone was keen to work on to improve the safety of the manufacturing process.

During one experiment, Roy J Plunkett had produced a special gas called tetrafluoroethylene gas (a bit of a mouthful, more commonly known as TFE!) and when he went to check back on it in the cylinder where it was stored and had been chlorinated, nothing came out. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the gas had become a white powder – something that Roy took an interest in and immediately began to study.

He discovered that it was something that most things would not stick to as it had very low friction on the surface as well as being very resistant to heat – of course this suddenly changed everything, and the first non-stick coating had been created! Named Teflon, this was the first of its kind and it also revolutionised chemistry as most scientists did not realise that this was something that could happen until it did!

So next time you cook your bacon and remove it from the pan with ease or straighten your hair or dive your car – you know who to be grateful to!

How Can Enterprise Mobile Apps Help Your Company?

If you’re an employer and employees use smartphones and tablets, you probably wonder, “How can enterprise mobile apps help your company?” Here are a few ways. Department-level apps foster collaboration, boost employee productivity and increase revenue. Customer-level apps act as a direct channel to the customer. When combined with the right API, mobile enterprise apps can be customized to meet customers’ needs.

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What are the Benefits of Federated Search?

A large utility company has a website that thousands of customers visit to find out their account status and solve problems with their utilities. In addition, the website presents helpful tips and information from other partners and advertisers to increase traffic and revenue. Here are the benefits of a federated search for a large utility company. Other companies can use these benefits to improve their services.

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Digital Marketing Explained

In the modern world, marketing is slightly different from how it was a decade or so ago. Because so much of what we do now is digital, marketing strategies have changed to reflect this in the best way possible.

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When it comes to digital marketing, there are various strategies that you can use. Some people choose to use a range of strategies, whereas others prefer to stick with one. It solely depends on your business, your budget, and what your goal is. It’s worth speaking to a professional company such as this marketing strategy consultants agency www.reallyhelpfulmarketing.co.uk/specialist-services/marketing-strategy-consultant who have the necessary expertise to guide and advise you when creating a tailored marketing campaign.

Here are some of the different ways that a digital marketing campaign can be run:

PPC Advertising

Pay per click is where you pay to put sponsored adverts on the search engines that come up when a particular keyword is searched for. It is a quick approach that yields instant results! The name ‘pay per click’ refers to the fact that you only pay per each click on the ad.


This is the longer-term approach and is focused on boosting organic traffic to your website, rather than putting sponsored ads on Google – so getting you to appear higher in the Google rankings. This is done by creating links on other sites that link to your website, thus giving your site more power in Google’s eyes.

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What is the difference between inbound and outbound marketing

All businesses need to undertake marketing in one form or another. This could be using a website and digital marketing such as email campaigns and social media or it might be utilising print, tv and radio. Getting new customers into your business is the lifeblood of its sustainability and marketing can really help with this. It is important that your marketing has a plan attached to it and a Marketing Strategy Consultants such as Really Helpful Marketing is a great place to begin.

There are two distinct types of marketing – inbound and outbound and it is important for businesses to understand the differences between these two.

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Inbound Marketing

This type of marketing looks at getting customers to buy your products and services. This can be by providing them with informational guides on your services or other pieces of content marketing. The information that you share can be given via your website or through reports and even social media posts. All of these marketing methods are designed to give informative content to potential clients and customers with the aim of getting them in front of your products and services and then buying them.

This type of marketing is often less “salesy” and more people feel comfortable with this. It is seen as very educational in its approach and it also allows you to use the content that you create in a number of ways and across a number of different platforms.

Whilst inbound marketing is less salesy in its approach it is a type of marketing that needs more time dedicated to it and it also needs to have a consistent approach to help make the most out of its impact.

Outbound Marketing

This type of marketing is designed to get your products or services out to a large number of people in one go and this is often seen as your much more traditional types of advertising such as radio and television adverts as well as direct mailings and pay per click advertising. Outbound marketing helps to reach a large number of people in one go and is often much less about educating them on the finer details of your products and services and much more about getting the items in front of them in a visual way. It is often a much more “salesy” way of marketing.

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Outbound marketing can be more costly than inbound but it often requires less time and less of a consistent approach is needed. It is often used to help promote a particular product or for us on a particular project within the business.

Best selling mobile phones of all time

Since the start of the mobile phone’s journey in 1983, more than 7 billion of these devices have been sold across the globe. But have there been some phones that were more popular than others? Here are some of the best-selling phones over the last few decades:

Nokia 1100

This little gadget was produced between 2003 and 2009 and sold 255 million handsets across the world. It wasn’t the most attractive or feature-packed offering but it was cheap and brought mobile phones to the mass market, especially in poorer nations. For these reasons, the humble Nokia 1100 became the best selling mobile phone in history.

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Apple iphone 6

This model was available between 2014 and 2016 and sold an impressive 220 million handsets globally. It is the third best selling phone of all time, with the Nokia 1110 in second place. The success of the iphone 6 proved that even premium phones could become best sellers and the 6 remains the most successful of all Apple phones. For the latest device, consider Vodafone Dundalk at a site like https://kingcommunications.ie/vodafone-stores-near-me/dundalk/

Nokia 3210

This model from Finnish company Nokia was the most influential phone on the market. It came to market in 1999 and was revolutionary for having an internal antenna. It was also the first mobile targeted to a younger audience with 3 games pre-installed. It was only in production for a year but sold 160 million units.

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Nokia 6600, Nokia 5230 and Samsung E1100

The sixth best selling phone is a three way tie. Between 2003 and 2011, each of these models sold 150 million devices each.