How to Settle into your University Accommodation

As the start of a new academic year draws nearer, universities are all set to open their doors to a new batch of freshers heading off to university for the first time. For most, it is the first time living independently and this can be a daunting experience. Whether you are going to be living in halls or you have found somewhere like this Student Accommodation Cheltenham (visit your perfect pad for details) one of the things that will be first on the list is making yourself feel at home there.

The first thing to do is get yourself unpacked. Living around boxes and bags isn’t the homeliest feeling and unpacking will help you to start settling in and making the place your own. Having all your things around you and put away where you want them is something that will help you to feel well settled.

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Cleaning is also a good way to start when moving in. Although the place will have been cleaned, it is a good way to start off as you mean to go on! Making sure everything is clean and tidy means that you can start the new term off in an organised way!

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Once you have sorted the essentials it is time to make the place your own. Add your own touches that are meaningful to you – favourite pictures that remind you of home, posters, and cosy homely things like rugs and cushions that will make the place feel like a place to relax in.

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