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Sadly one of the most important parts of a retailer’s life is making sure that staff and stock is safe. The job satisfaction that is gained from retail by serving customers and providing a vital service is offset by the fact that some, but not all, will try to steal from you. Shoplifters usually fall into three categories; Mad, Sad and Bad. The first two relate to individuals who are undergoing a personal crisis of some kind and would not ordinarily attempt to steal. The last is the more organised and planned group that likes to target specific items. This is usually items like make-up, razor blades, alcohol and medicines. Many of these goods are resold on the grey market as legitimate.

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Therefore the store and it’s staff have to maintain vigilance. The downside of this is that staff start to view everyone as suspicious when statistically this is not the case. There are certain tell tale signs for the store thief. They tend to look around a lot. They take undue notice of cameras. They take longer than usual to choose certain items. They wear large loose clothing. One popular approach is to line a trolley with cheap bulky items like toilet rolls and then hide expensive items within. The trolley is then pushed out of the store bypassing the tills.

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One way to combat the secret sneaking is to have sets of Security Seal on targeted products. are one of the UK’s premier providers of this and they will be able to provide you with a selection of seals that can help protect some of your products.

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