Tips for Helping Your Elderly Neighbour

If you have an elderly neighbour that lives alone and struggles with getting around by themselves, you may want to see if you can help them out but are not sure. Unfortunately, the whole concept of a ‘neighbour’ has changed and is almost lost, as neighbours hardly even greet each other anymore, let alone get to know each other. If you are being proactive about helping your neighbour, well done! Here are some tips for helping your elderly neighbour.

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  • The first thing which is very simple to do is to invite them over for a cup of tea. They will likely really appreciate the invite and your company, plus they’re probably curious to know more about you as you are living next to them!
  • Secondly, if you are going shopping, you can ask your neighbour if they need anything. They could even give you their shopping list and it could become something regular that would really help them.

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  • You can invite them over for parties and celebrations. If they have a disability that will limit the activities they’ll be able to participate in, they can still enjoy the company of others, and will be grateful you thought to invite them. If they don’t have any family, you could invite them over for Christmas, as there is nothing like being alone on such a celebrated tradition and holiday.
  • Lastly, you can buy them Mobility Aids from that will help them around the house, as a gift. This will help them live independently and let them know that you care. You could even offer to drive them somewhere if they want to get out of their house.

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