Can your rental company track your speed?

Advances in technology mean that vehicles are now capable of so much more than driving. Rental companies’ main assets are their vehicles, often with a combined high net worth when considering the number of cars, vans, tippers and minibuses in stock for hire. Companies are now able to utilise this new technology to keep their fleet vehicles safe and secure.

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Vehicle rental and lease companies often have the latest models of cars and vans in their fleet. These newer vehicles encompass the very latest in technology, making them of a similar specification to most computer and smart devices.

Rental and lease vehicles are often ‘connected’ directly to the company. This means that vehicles are telematics-enabled, allowing the company to always pinpoint their location.

This also allows the company to collect data and access the vehicles on demand. It allows rental companies to monitor the fuel usage, mileage, and speed of the vehicle, together with collecting other relevant data.

The primary purpose of companies having connected vehicles within their fleet is to enable them to locate and recover stolen vehicles. It can also assist with remote unlocking should a driver become unable to access the vehicle, in circumstances such as misplaced keys. However, a company will also check that drivers are using the vehicle in accordance with the relevant laws and highway legislation, as well as driving it in a safe and suitable manner.

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A car rental company will always advise its customers in advance as to what information they are tracking and collecting. They must do this to comply with the law that protects consumers’ privacy. This can normally be found in the terms and conditions associated with the hire, which the driver signs upon collection of the vehicle.

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Rental companies are not out to punish those who follow their terms and conditions when taking out a vehicle. However, they may fine those who do not follow the rental agreement.

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