How to choose between matt and gloss kitchens

Selecting the right finish for your kitchen cabinets is a pivotal decision that impacts both the aesthetic and functionality of your kitchen. Whether you lean towards the sleek sheen of gloss or the understated elegance of matt, each option offers distinct advantages.

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Understanding Gloss Kitchens

Gloss kitchens are characterised by their shiny, reflective surfaces that can make any space feel larger and brighter. Available in materials like PVC, lacquer, acrylic and glass, gloss finishes are produced through various methods.

Advantages of Gloss Kitchens

One of the primary benefits of gloss kitchens is their ability to reflect light, significantly brightening the room and making smaller kitchens appear more spacious. The smooth surface of gloss cabinets is also incredibly easy to clean, requiring just a wipe with a damp cloth.

Challenges with Gloss Kitchens

Despite their aesthetic appeal, gloss kitchens do present some challenges. They tend to show fingerprints more readily than other finishes, necessitating frequent cleaning. Additionally, the reflective surface can highlight minor imperfections like scratches and dents.

Understanding Matt Kitchens

Matt kitchens boast a non-reflective finish that absorbs light, giving them a sophisticated, modern appeal without the shine of gloss kitchens. They use materials such as matt lacquer and glass with a matt finish to create a soft, velvety texture. When considering kitchen refurbishment Surrey, providers like offer durable and stylish options.

Advantages of Matt Kitchens

The major advantage of matt kitchens lies in their consistently elegant appearance which does not fluctuate with changes in lighting or perspective. This finish is less maintenance-intensive than gloss.

Challenges with Matt Kitchens

While matt finishes do not reflect light, which can help hide blemishes, this also means that they can make small spaces appear darker and smaller. Additionally, the matt surface can be challenging to clean if not done correctly, as it may show streaks or not wipe clean as easily as gloss surfaces. Kitchen Warehouse has a guide on how to clean a matt kitchen.

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Whether you opt for the reflective brilliance of gloss or the understated chic of matt, each kitchen style has its unique benefits.

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