Four Dangers to Look out for on a Construction Site

In the UK millions of people work in the construction industry and with the ever-increasing population and need for new buildings such as homes and schools it is an industry that is always in demand.

However, it is also an industry where care must be taken as construction sites can be dangerous if workers are not trained thoroughly, or health and safety is not strictly adhered to. From following site rules regarding health and safety, to wearing the correct personal safety equipment such as steel toecap boots, hi visibility jackets and hard hats – all of these things are in place for a reason, and that reason is safety!

Here are some common accidents to look out for on a building site…

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Tools and Equipment – There are many tools on a building site that are used to help make jobs easier. From tapping machines like this to power tools like drills. As well as these there is also large equipment like vehicles which are used on building sites. This means that all equipment that is being used should not only require adequate training, but also that people around these tools and vehicles should be aware of safety measures that they should take.

Trips and Falls – The nature of a building site means that there are many opportunities for these types of accident. Ground that is uneven is commonly found on building sites, and trenches and holes can be dug which can be dangerous for those walking around. Because much work is being done outside the weather can then make this more dangerous when heavy rain and ice can reduce visibility or make surfaces more slippery to walk on.

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Chemicals – Some substances that are used when building can be dangerous or toxic. When renovating older buildings, there could be a risk of asbestos exposure, as well as the many paints and solvents that are used in building which can be dangerous to breathe in. When dealing with these sorts of things, it is very important that the correct guidelines should be followed. When it comes to asbestos, it should not be handled by anyone who has not been properly trained in clearing it as it is very risky.

Noise and Vibrations – Power tools are very handy when it comes to getting the job done, but excessive noise that the tools make can cause damage to the ears, which could result in permanent damage and hearing loss, or tinnitus. Because of this, it is important that ear defenders are always worn when doing this kind of noisy work. The vibrations of some tools can also cause problems. When they are used for long periods of time it can cause damage to the hands and arms such as tendon damage and not being able to grip.

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