Things You Can Ship Using a Plastic Card Mailer

Credit cards are an extremely versatile tool used for many daily activities. One less well-known use is as a type of packaging material. Although using these traditional cards gets less popular due to increased card debt, plastic card mailers are still very functional and appropriate in some situations. If you are trying to choose the best way to package your product, this could be helpful information. The following things can be shipped using plastic card mailers.

Cell Phones Shipping

Many people switch phones every time their cell phone contracts expire. When you are being enticed by the salesman to upgrade, these plastic card mailers are an option for having your old cell phone sent right to your door. If you have recently upgraded your phone or need to ship a phone, it is inexpensive to get it there safely. The plastic card mailer protects against shocks, dents, and other damage that can occur during shipment. Unless the device is extremely fragile or expensive, these are great options.

Shipping of Shoes

Even if you are not looking to sell your shoes online or ship them to a friend, this packaging material is great for shipping shoes. Many people travel by plane with their shoes, and taking them off during the trip can be quite uncomfortable. Plastic card mailers are lightweight, so you will not have to go over luggage weight limitations. You will also not have to worry about carrying your shoes on the plane.

Shipping of Clothes

People often find themselves shipping clothes to friends or family members for many reasons. Although you could fold the clothing and place it in a box, this can cause wrinkles and other damage. A plastic card mailer provides an easy way to ship your clothes without worrying about the item being damaged during transit.

When sending your product via mail, you can never be too safe. Using plastic card mailers will ensure that your product arrives safely and without damage. A plastic card mailer is an inexpensive way to ship your items.

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