5 ideas to warm up the decor

ideas to warm up the decor

Is it so cold that you never feel like you can warm up? It is in these periods of the first frost that we realize that our accommodation is poorly insulated. And now is the time to remedy it with some decorative ideas that will allow us not to let winter enter the house.

A thick woolen rugideas to warm up the decor

The carpet is essential for warming the floor. Chosen very thick, it allows you to sit or lie down comfortably on the floor, which children and teenagers love. And he keeps them from catching a cold. The right idea to adopt?  Build up rugs on a tiled floor or on the parquet floor. Cozy atmosphere guaranteed.

Velvet curtainsideas to warm up the decor

Stop the drafts that enter the house. It is often through poorly insulated doors and windows that the air passes and cools our interior. The solution? Thick velvet curtains, to be attached to the windows or in front of the front door until the warm weather returns.

An insert in the fireplaceideas to warm up the decor

Integrating an insert in an existing fireplace allows rapid and efficient distribution of heat in the house by preventing any entry of cold air from the duct. It is an easy and economical way to give a second life to an old fireplace. Be careful, however: not all fireplaces are compatible with an insert and it is preferable to call a professional to get you started. The other solution, if your home does not have a fireplace: a decorative model with an old look, electric and heating, to be placed against a wall.

A faux fur throwideas to warm up the decor

One of the pleasures of winter is to read a book on the sofa while sipping tea. The must is to curl up in it by wrapping yourself in a large faux fur throw to stay warm. The material from which it is made has the gift of warming our decor. And above all, his soft toy is regressive at will.

A comforter on the bedideas to warm up the decor

The comforter is an essential winter accessory. It’s an extra layer of softness, welcome to stay warm under the sheets. And then, it allows you to add a touch of color or additional material to the bed and it changes everything in the decor of the bedroom.

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