Businesses from home: 9 ideas to start from the sofa

Businesses from home: 9 ideas to start from the sofa

Creating businesses from home is an activity that you can consider for 2023 because it is a good time to generate the extra income you were looking for or change your lifestyle to that of an entrepreneur. In this article, we give you 10 ideas to undertake at home.

Are you waiting for the best time to start your own business? Is now! Especially if your idea of ​​entrepreneurship involves doing business from home, since the country is at a key moment, now we will explain why.

In case you did not know, Mexico is considered the second best country in Latin America to start a business, after Brazil, according to the Global Soft Power 2020 study carried out by the Brand Finance consultancy.

In this article, we are going to explore some home business ideas that you can start from the couch, literally! Because your main work tools will be a computer and a good internet connection. Remember that:

9 ideas to start a business from home


DIY (or “do it yourself”, for its acronym in English  ) is a worldwide phenomenon that is reinventing itself all the time. Take advantage of your creativity and skills to create your own products and sell them in a personalized online store.

A key point to succeed with an online craft business is to work on branding and the way in which you are going to communicate the brand. Talking about the creation process and everything behind a piece could help you capture the attention of potential customers. Consider creating a blog to share this type of information.

A good example of this type of business is Tiendanube Tejiendome, in which its creator, Cindy, sells charming hand-knitted products.

Digital Products

Take advantage of your knowledge and experience in creating digital products such as ebooks, online courses, designs, templates, etc.

Currently, there are many online tools with which you can create this type of content on your own, without the need to hire a designer, for example, Canva or Book Creator. Read more about The Benefits of Using an SEO Agency

Drop Shipping

Dropshipping has become a very popular business in recent years and in Mexico, there are more and more options to work under this business model. It basically consists of selling products without having inventory, that is, the seller is a kind of intermediary between the producer and the consumer.

To dropship you need to have an online store to display the products and generate sales, and a supplier, who will be in charge of shipping the products every time you make a sale.

As you can imagine, this business model requires excellent planning and organization.


Another good idea to work from home and generate money from your knowledge is through consulting, advice, or online classes. You decide the format, it can be per hour, per session, or even create “packages” that include several sessions and work material.

There are many SMEs and entrepreneurs that require financial, accounting, and even marketing or social media advice, so this is an option that works for many professionals.


One of the most popular and profitable businesses you can have from home is food. Take it to a higher level by selling your creations online!

If it is perishable food, it is important that you have a qualified shipping system to transport food and keep it in good condition.

For example, Tiendanube Pastas Doña Juana sells artisanal pasta and in its store, it clarifies the zones and times in which it can deliver its products.

Vintage Products

The niche of vintage or antique products is getting bigger and bigger. The markets and bazaars are full of these types of items and you can become a vintage treasure hunter that brings them closer to those who prefer to buy online.

Whether it is clothing, accessories, decorative elements, vinyl records, or any other product that has passed the barrier of time, you can give it a chance to be used and enjoyed again. There are many entrepreneurial projects to develop.

YouTube Channel

Starting your own YouTube channel is still an option to start from home and you don’t really need many resources to create it. What you do have to keep in mind is that you will need to spend quality time on your content in order to stand out. Check the channels that are similar to what you can offer and fill yourself with new ideas. In this article, we tell you how much YouTube pays. You will see that it is not negligible to start your business in this medium.

Online Courses

Whether it’s about your profession, technical knowledge of something or even your artistic skills, creating courses on topics that you master is a great option to start a business from home. The way to sell them can vary because there are platforms like Hotmart that help you create and sell your course with a service fee, or you can choose to sell it on your own and deliver it through platforms like Zoom. You won’t have to leave your house for it!

Customer Service

Another business that you can create from home and in the comfort of your armchair is to sell your services as a customer service agent. Many companies that start looking for a support area to help them with customer service. You could start that business from your home, alone or by putting together a team of people who attend remotely. What do you think?


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