What is the impact of a burglary?

It is estimated that in the UK, a burglary happens every 40 seconds. Burglaries have a much greater impact than just the loss of possessions. They also take away people’s sense of security in their home. A place that is supposed to represent protection and safety.

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Victim Support conducted studies that found 81% of burglary victim’s felt emotionally affected by the crime. 21% of them felt highly impacted. What can be the impact of this crime?


Although everyone reacts differently, there are some emotions that victims share, including anger, sorrow and fear. This can lead to feelings of vulnerability, anxiety and distress. People are often angry with themselves for having left a window or door unlocked or for being caught by a distraction burglary.

When you discover that your home has been burgled, you may experience shaking, panic and shock. You might also cry or feel scared. Burglaries threaten the very security and safety of your home. Many victims are afraid of being the victim once again, or that the perpetrator will return. They also fear being left alone in the property after the crime. Sleep disturbances can occur, particularly for children and those who live alone.


The majority of burglaries occur during the day, when most people are at work. Stepping up security can deter thieves who are looking for an easy opportunity. As a first step, consider installing CCTV Installation Gloucester from apmfireandsecurity.com/cctv-security-systems/cctv-installation-gloucester/

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Former burglars were asked to list the things that would most likely deter them from breaking in. The most effective deterrents were CCTV, heavy doors with locks, TVs that played, dogs barking, and window locks. You can still have peace of mind by focusing on these.

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