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Over the past two decades, conferences have changed a lot. The days of dull, monotonous, unengaging corporate speeches are long gone. Instead, they have been replaced by days full of interactive and diverse events that educate and entertain in equal measure. Event organisers have made it their main goal to engage delegates. There is a correlation, whether you believe it or not, between the increasing popularity of music festivals and the conference industry.

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Festivalisation is the application of the festival principles to corporate events. The music festival was once reserved for those who were serious about their music. But now, people buy tickets to an experience rather than the actual music.

It means that corporate events will include acts such as stand-up comics and live music between keynote speakers. This also means that traditional exhibition stands are being replaced by high-tech interactive experiences.

Here are some ideas to “festivalise” your event.

Big announcements to excite you

Festivals are well-known for building anticipation before revealing their lineups. Corporate events are now hyping their event schedules festival style. You might not be able to get the most famous celebrities but you can still make a splash and reveal the full line-up. Capture the magic with Drone Filming. For Drone Filming, contact Skypower.

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Delegate-created content

Nearly a quarter of industry professionals believe that social media will have a greater impact on future events than any other factor. Social media is responsible for a quarter (25%) of all traffic to registration and ticketing pages. It’s hard to disagree. Sharing content created and shared by attendees has a huge 85% greater influence than sharing branded content.

Other ideas include:

Use photo booths to share your event on social media

Encourage sharing through competitions

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