What is involved in land remediation?

When a site becomes too polluted due to industrialisation or heavy pesticides from agricultural use, there is only one alternative to reclaim the land. A Land Remediation Service such as that from companies like https://soilfix.co.uk/ is the best option to turn the soil back into something that can be used for residential or commercial purposes.  There is a particular process involved in this remediation before the land can be planned upon to  create a new space for human beings.

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Firstly, the site has to be thoroughly investigated and assessed.  Samples of the soil will need  to be taken so that an idea of the levels of pollutants and contaminants within the soil can be established.  Depending on the degree of this level, an appropriate plan of action will be put into place.

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Following a risk assessment, it might be identified that the land is just too polluted to be used at all.  Whilst this is a disappointing result, it is necessary to ensure that land remediation isn’t undertaken for no reason.

If the risk assessment team is suitable for work to begin, a plan and strategy are then drawn up to ensure that the correct remediation is put in place. The standard approach is to remove the soil entirely so it can be treated and cleaned.  Depending on the level of pollutants on the site, this could take some time and may require a large amount of soil removal.

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