3 Tips for Hiring the Right Person

If you are in a managerial or other position that requires you to hire employees, you know that (when done properly) vetting, interviewing and selecting an employee is no easy task. Here are three tips to help you narrow down your search and find the right person for the job.

Consider Their Experience

The experience of an individual can be the most important factor to consider in the hiring process. While education is almost always important and helpful (in some industries more than others), experience goes beyond a person’s formal education (or lack thereof) to what they really can be expected to do. Just keep in mind that there are many individuals who are just getting started in a given field but who will add great value to the company and excel when given the chance.

Consider Their Credit

Another important piece of information that can be very telling is a person’s credit report, so it’s a good idea to check into this for any potential hires. There are many credit check services for employers that will provide this for you. The credit history of an individual can help indicate how well they manage money as well as how well they follow through on their commitments in general. But just remember that this information is only one factor in the bigger picture; everyone makes mistakes at one time or another, and sometimes simply asking a few clarifying questions might help you get a better picture of the person’s actual financial health.

Consider Company Culture

Finally, even a well-qualified and well-organized person still might not be the best fit, because you most likely aren’t just filling a position that exists isolated from the rest of the company but are bringing a new member into an already-existing team. Always keep your company culture in mind, and consider personality strengths and weaknesses that might make a difference.

Bringing someone onto the payroll is a weighty task, but using these three tips can help you to better organize your process and make it easier to find the right person for your team or company.

Jack Henry

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