What are the types and benefits of casement windows?

Casement windows are a lovely addition to any home; what’s more, they are practical in addition to being beautiful. Let’s take a look at the types of casement windows and their benefits.

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What is a casement window?

A casement window opens on two or more hinges, either at the side (like a door) or sometimes at both the bottom and the side. When completely open, you have a full view out of the window, unlike sash windows. They can either be opened with a small crank on the handle or by pushing them out.


This will either be one or several panes of glass that make up a single frame. They will open from the frame panels.


These open outward like French doors and are both convenient and beautiful. They can add a cottage feel to a home, especially when combined with lattice windows Stroud. They can give full views out when opened, which is ideal if a window overlooks a garden or the countryside.


These casement windows are not openable; however, they are ideal for rooms such as hallways or as feature windows.

What are the benefits of casement windows?


Casement windows can sit flush to walls and take up less space than sash or bay windows.


Casement windows can be double-glazed, which can save heat and cut down on energy bills. They can create tighter seals than sash windows, further blocking out cold draughts.

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It is important to have casement windows professionally fitted by a reputable firm, such as https://www.truhouse.co.uk/double-glazing/windows/stroud, to ensure they are sound and airtight.


Casement windows are amongst the most affordable window designs to buy and fit.

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