Ideas for Organising Your Garage

Are you struggling to find what you need in the depths of your garage chaos? If so, now could be the time for a garage transformation. Here are our practical tips to turn your garage into a super-organised functional space.

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Clear Out

Create a clear workspace first. Haul everything on to the driveway and assess what you want to keep. You’ll also need to decide what you’d like to throw away, sell or donate too, so be ruthless here to maximise your available space. Creating categories for your stuff can help, too, such as tools, garden and car.


Give your garage a makeover. Sweep away dust, debris and cobwebs. Tackle mould with vinegar and warm water solution. Mop floors and walls and leave them to dry to create a blank canvas. Laying down some mats once you’re done can help create a more comfortable space and deter future dirt. For those seeking garage doors Bristol and the wider area, companies such as offer solutions.

Organisation Time

Decide where to place everything. Investing in practical shelving is super important here – choose overhead storage solutions or vertical shelving for a single garage where space is at a premium, or get more flexible with trolleys and shelving units if you’ve a little more space to play with.

Tidy Tools

Organise your tools into a storage cabinet, wall tidy or shelving unit – and wave goodbye to the frustration of hunting for your favourite tool! Containers with removable dividers will help you keep small items, like screws and nails, neat and tidy.

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Replace Items

Put everything back into place, beginning with large items at the back, building up to the smaller or frequently used items in an easily accessible space.

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