How to Maintain Your Driveway Throughout the Year

Your driveway is more than just a practical feature of your home, it is also an important part of your home’s curb appeal, as it is the first thing guests will see when they arrive at your property. By maintaining your driveway throughout the year, you not only keep it looking pristine, but you can also extend its lifespan and functionality. If you have recently paid for a new driveway, then it is vital that you don’t let your money go to waste by leaving it unmaintained. In this article, we will explore some ways you can maintain your driveway throughout the year.

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Over the years, your driveway and even your footpaths can build up a lot of grime and dirt, which can change its colour and also make it dangerous to walk on. Jet washing is a very effective way to clean and rejuvenate all the hard surfaces on your driveway. A pressure washer can immediately restore the appearance of these surfaces and remove all of the deeply embedded grime. Make sure to complete this task around once a year, as this will prevent any dirt from staining your driveway too badly. You can either purchase your own jet washer or rent one for a day from your local DIY store.

Drain jetting is a very important task, as it can prevent water accumulation and flooding in your garden and driveway. If you leave your drains unmaintained, they will become clogged and start to function poorly. You can contact a professional Drain Jetting company that will use high-pressure water to clear any and all blockages and debris from your draining system. This will not only prevent flooding in your driveway but also in your home itself.

Weeds can be a constant problem in your front garden and on your driveway. If you have a block paved driveway, you no doubt will have weeds coming up from all the gaps. This can create a very bad visual for the front of your home and can also cause potential damage. To remove weeds from your driveway you can either use a tool or pull the weeds out with your bare hands. You can then apply weed killer in the places where weeds appear to prevent them from growing in the future. To try and combat future weeds, you can fill all the joins and cracks in your driveway with joining sand or sealant.

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