Why lease a van through your business?

A business vehicle is not only a great way to transport goods, services and equipment, but also provides a smart business image that conveys ultimate professionalism.

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Leasing a van through your business has a whole host of benefits, making it the most affordable and tax-savvy means of getting on the road. Leasing a vehicle as opposed to an outright purchase gives your business flexibility, and frees up working capital that can be used in other areas..


When sourcing a vehicle for your business, buying outright can be costly and unsuitable due to eventual depreciation in value. Leasing a car rather than taking out a loan to purchase is a more cost-effective option, whilst also opening up the possibility of frequent vehicle updates.

Van rental Bristol allows a business to afford newer models which are more reliable and economical, and at a fraction of the monthly cost of purchasing on credit.

Lease vehicles also afford a business with eligible tax deductions for payments, interest, expenses and upkeep. All eligible tax deductions must be tracked and completely accurate, as opposed to estimated.

Whereas a vehicle purchased outright would need to be declared on a business liabilities asset sheet, a lease vehicle does not. This could be helpful if a business uses or plans to use credit facilities.

Finally, opting for an electric vehicle when leasing a van through your business is a great way to showcase your company’s green credentials.

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Van Rental

Specialist van rental providers, such as www.autolynecarvanrental.co.uk/van-hire-bristol, offer a whole host of vehicle options from small vans and large vans to loaders and tail lifts. Additional extras can be arranged, such as foreign travel, as well as additional driver cover and a range of accessories. You will be able to source a vehicle completely suitable for your business needs, whether on a short or long-term basis.

Once the term on your vehicle lease expires, you are free to upgrade your model and reap the benefits of leasing all over again, quickly and simply.

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