How Do Bailbonds Work?

You might not know when you will brush shoulders with the law. In this case, you might need to post bail. Posting bail allows you to remain free until you are convicted of the crime. However, you will have to attend all the court sessions for the bail terms to remain valid. If you cannot post the bail, you’ll need a bail bond agent to help you. Here is how this process works.

What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond company pays the bail bonds Berks County PA to the court, often on behalf of a criminal defendant. This surety bond allows a defendant to remain free until they get convicted of the crime they are accused of. Yet, it can only suffice if the defendant cannot raise the bail, perhaps because of financial constraints.

The set bail will vary with various elements. For instance, this amount could depend on the crime charges at hand, flight risk, and the kind of offender.

The Bail Bond Process

A defendant is free to contact a bail bonds company once the judge sets the bail amount. This bail bond agent will require the defendant to pay a small percentage of the specified amount. In most cases, this percentage will be anywhere between 8 and 10 percent, depending on the terms of the bail bond agent. This amount is non-refundable.

The bail bond company will provide you with the remaining percentage. Its goal will be to clear the process with the court. However, you’ll provide collateral to secure this loan. The collateral’s value must be equivalent to or more than the amount you get. The security could be anything, from properties to movable assets. High-value items are often the most acceptable in such instances.

What Happens After Posting Bail?

Naturally, you will need to attend all the court sessions without fail. You must also stick to the terms offered by the court. Breach of these terms means that you have forfeited bail. In this case, you’ll owe the bail bonds agent the entire amount in posted bail. This agent will be free to exercise their right to the collateral given. At the same time, an arrest warrant could be issued against you.

In conclusion, bail bond agents are integral in the judicial system. You’ll need their services to secure your freedom, albeit temporarily. The insights above show how their services work.

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