What You Need to Know About Masks

You should wear a face mask. It’s generally a good idea. Research shows that masks can prevent people from spreading the coronavirus and other viruses. In other words, they protect other people from you. Some varieties can also offer you some protection. Here is a look at different masks.

Fabric Masks

With cloth masks, you need to consider the fabric they are made from. The weave of your fabric makes a difference. This is the first thing you should always look at. If you hold it up to a light and easily see through it, don’t wear it. You should also have multiple layers of fabric. This is more effective at stopping particles. Never choose masks that have exhalation valves. These have become very popular lately. The valves release your respiratory droplets and do not protect people from you. Protecting other people is the main reason behind wearing masks. 

How well a fabric mask works also depends on what shape it is. The ones that can fit closely against your face are the best. Those that have pleats are also a good option. A flat mask is also an option. Whichever you choose, wash it. You need to wash fabric masks after each use. Let them dry completely before you wear them again.

N95 Masks

N95 masks create a tight seal around your nose and mouth. These will block 95% of airborne particles. They offer protection for both you and other people. They are effective because they use several layers of polypropylene fibers to catch particles. 

KN95 Masks

A KN95 mask offers similar personal protection to the N95 mask. However, these masks are not recommended because they tend to be less reliable, and many counterfeits have been found on the market. 

Whether you choose a homemade fabric mask or N95 mask, you should still wear one to protect others from yourself. They can help prevent the spread of respiratory droplets with the virus. This means they can help prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

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