What causes a stroke

A stroke occurs as a result of two distinct issues within the body. Both stroke types can lead to a number of symptoms and long-term effects that can include numbness and weakness in certain areas of the body. This can result in the individual needing support from Disability Aids like the ones you can get from Ability Superstore.

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The first type of stroke is ischaemic stroke, which is the most common form of stroke. This is where a blood clot causes a blockage that prevents the flow of blood and also oxygen to the brain. There are a number of risk factors that are known to increase your chances of these kinds of strokes, and these include smoking, obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, diabetes and high intakes of alcohol.

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The second type of stroke is haemorrhagic stroke. This is where a blood vessel located inside the brain bursts and causes a bleed in and around the brain to concur. These kinds of strokes are much less common than ischaemic strokes. Once again, a number of risk factors can increase your chances of having a haemorrhagic stroke, and these include obesity, high alcohol consumption, smoking, stress and lack of exercise.

The risk of both types of stroke can be reduced with a number of lifestyle changes such as stopping smoking, limiting your alcohol intake, reducing your weight, eating healthily and undertaking exercise each week.

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