Cost of living crisis – Top Tips To Save Money On Fuel

With the recent fuel crisis, it has shown that conserving fuel is more important than ever. Particularly if you run a business which is reliant on fuel – moving things from A to B, doing deliveries and collections – there are many types of business that have a fleet of vehicles and are dependent on those to be able to effectively run their business.

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Saving fuel is also of huge importance when you run a business as saving fuel means saving money – so if you are looking for some ways to reduce the spend on fuel for your business here are a few ideas…

Defensive driving is a great way to save fuel and is also something which improves road safety. It basically means that drivers take a proactive approach to driving and avoid things like harsh braking and acceleration, keep a safe distance and avoid dangerous manoeuvres. They practise keeping an eye on what is going on around them and are always alert.

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A Vehicle Fleet Management system like this is a great idea as it will help you to plan drivers routes easily and gives you an at a glance look at where savings can be made. It is also a good way to monitor the times taken to get to and from certain places and is an overall help in managing a fleet of vehicles.

Fuel cards are a good way to save money on fuel especially if you have a large fleet of vehicles. There are many available so have a look around and see what suits your business best.

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