What is Challenging behaviour training and who teaches it

Challenging Behaviour Training is a specialist behavioural training regime that helps and equips, Health and Social Care Staff, Special Educational Institutions, Prison and Incarceration facilities to deal effectively and safely with any individual displaying Challenging Behaviours. Techniques that explain clearly how to incorporate the use of a minimal degree of force, various distraction methods, better communication skills, how to turn a potentially negative situation into a positive one and how to model the type of behaviour you expect. Experts in their field and completely professional trainers such as https://www.tidaltraining.co.uk/learning-disability-training/challenging-behaviour-training-breakaway-techniques can provide the best accredited training for individuals and groups of staff that would benefit from having a more thorough knowledge and understanding of how to help someone displaying Challenging Behaviours.

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Team Teach solutions that can help prevent an episode from occurring, being Proactive instead of Re-Active, the de-escalation techniques that result in positive outcomes rather than manifesting into a negative confrontation. Fostering a calm, positive environment and resorting to physical interventions only as a very last resort. Working in the HealthCare Industry, a Special Educational Facility or a Prison Environment can often mean staff having to deal with Challenging Behaviours on a daily basis.

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Remember these five things, 1) Don’t take Challenging Behaviour personally, It’s NOT about you. 2) The Behaviours are Challenging, NOT the child or individual. 3) De-escalate first, problem solve later, 4) There is ALWAYS a reason, 5) Have Empathy, what is the person going through?

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