The beginnings of Greenpeace

Greenpeace are one of the foremost environmental action groups in the world, Along with Friends of the Earth they remain at the forefront of critical care and action in raising awareness of environmental issues. They are the reason that so many companies have tried to make a difference like the Spill Kits you can see to clear up chemical messes. Where did this essential organisation come from?

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Greenpeace was founded in 1971 by two economic migrants to Canada from the USA. This was The Stowes’ Irving and Dorothy. In the late 1960s they were incensed by the continuing determination of the USA government to detonate underground Nuclear tests. This was seen as a safer option rather than air or land bursts. There were concerns that the blast would cause a tsunami or earthquake. Whilst none of these things happened public disapproval was running very high. This became worse when the Government announced they would do the test again but with an even higher yield.

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Incensed by the lack of concern, the Stowes and others formed the Don’t make a wave committee. Using a boat, the Stowes and like-minded friends and academics set out to directly confront the test and the U.S, Coastguard. This direct approach was to be a defining element of Greenpeace. The movement grew out of this Committee and soon the realisation that a vocal presence was clearly better. Now Greenpeace actively lobbies governments and takes strong direct action if it sees an environmental issue not being dealt with.

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