Crafts that are making a come back

Over the years there have been surges in interest in homemade crafts. Over the last two years, more and more people have been looking for ways in which they can take up hobbies to help with their mental health and to ensure that they find ways to relax at the end of a difficult day. Crafts are great at giving people the chance to focus on something other than their work and they can help you to relax and reset ready for your next work day. The popularity of individual crafts comes and goes but there has been a recent surge in the number of crafts that have started to become popular once again.

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Macrame – this is an ancient craft form and sees yarn or rope being tied in certain fashions to create items that can then be used around the home or gifted to others. Dreamcatchers and wall hangings are particularly popular at the moment. If macrame isn’t something that you have tried before you could get yourself a Macrame Kit like the ones that are available from These kits give you everything you need to complete certain projects and there are lots of different ones to choose from.

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Crochet – another old craft that seems to have peaked in interest once again is that of crochet. There are lots of beautiful items that can be made from crocheting such as clothing, blankets and even toys. One particular style of crochet that is being enjoyed a moment is that of amigurumi. This is where small crochet stitches are used to create a toy such as a bear. The items are then stuffed with toy makers’ stuffing and can be gifted or used as decorations around the home. It is a much more intricate crochet form than creating granny squares for a blanket, but it is equally as enjoyable.

Jewellery making – lots of different jewellery types can be created including those that are created from different metals such as silver and gold as well those jewellery items that can be created from resin and polymer clay. There are lots of people creating items like this that are sharing their creations and the ways in which they make them on a variety of social media channels. So you are bound to be able to find some inspiration for your own jewellery making.

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