Keeping your Dog Safe from Dog Thieves

The last two years, most of us were having to stay at home a lot more – and one of the things that happened during this period was a huge increase in dog ownership – after all, when are we going to have the time to spend at home again settling in a new puppy?

However, because of this, demand for puppies rose astronomically during lockdown, which of course pushed the prices of puppies higher and higher. This unfortunately made dogs a huge target for thieves, spotting an opportunity to cash in on this money-making market.

If you have a dog, it is worth making sure that you are vigilant and protect it from being stolen. Here are some practical tips to help you with this…

Make Sure that your Garden is Secure – Thieves will often try to take a dog from the garden, and many dogs have unfortunately been taken this way. Make sure that your garden is secure – if you have a back gate, use a proper lock from somewhere like these 24 hour locksmiths Exeter based company and get a bell or a chime attached to your gate that you will be able to hear. It is also not advisable to leave your dog in the garden unsupervised.

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Make sure that Anyone Looking After your Dog is Legit – If you are going to be handing your dog over to a dog walker or a doggy day care service, like many people do when they are out at work or on holiday, it is very important that you check this is who they say they are. They should be qualified to be doing the job as well as having all the necessary insurance as well. Thieves often poise as dog walkers, so do check this out.

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Train your Dog – Making sure that your dog is well trained and will come back to you when you call them. Many dog thefts happen when people are out and about walking their dog and being able to call your dog back when you see anything that may be suspicious is important. You can find dog training classes in your area, or if you prefer to get a trainer to work one to one with your dog.

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