Most Common Respiratory Illnesses in Children

While the number of respiratory illnesses in children is decreasing, they still pose a serious health risk, especially for babies and young toddlers. One of the most common respiratory illnesses is croup, which is characterised by a barking cough. This virus causes inflammation of the small airways in the lungs. Children under five have narrower airways, so they can get quite poorly more easily. Coughing and sneezing are two of the main ways it spreads, and it is highly contagious. The cough and sneezing of children who have croup are contagious for three days, or until the fever has ceased.

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While some respiratory illnesses are mild and easily treatable, some may be chronic and result in more serious conditions. The symptoms of chronic respiratory diseases can become life-threatening if left untreated. If anyone has difficulty breathing, contact a medical professional right away to get the proper treatment. For further details on Clinical Training Courses, consider contacting

People with a history of recurrent pulmonary infections or chronic disorders are at a higher risk for developing these diseases. Common chronic respiratory illnesses include asthma, chronic pulmonary insufficiency, and cystic fibrosis. To diagnose a person with respiratory illness, a doctor will usually perform a thorough medical history. Chest x-rays and pulmonary function testing are necessary to confirm the diagnosis.

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Most respiratory illnesses are transitory and consist of the usual colds and viruses that circulate during the winter season. Flu is a more serious illness that can cause respiratory problems.


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