Why might you work as a solicitor?

A solicitor is a highly respected job which brings great benefits and good remuneration. However, training to become a solicitor is a long and arduous process, while workloads are often heavy, and hours can be long.

Figures show that at the end of March 2022, there were a total of 160,676 practising solicitors in England and Wales. But why might you choose to work as a solicitor? Here are the main reasons people choose to go into this part of the legal profession.

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A strong desire to help people

The drive to help others and ensure people are treated fairly and correctly is often one of the driving forces for becoming a solicitor. A solicitor can help people to understand and successfully navigate sometimes complex issues, such as buying a new property or probate. Someone with a desire to help others and ensure the law is followed correctly is likely to find the work of a solicitor satisfying and rewarding.

Work can be intellectually challenging and varied

The law is ever-evolving and so the work of a solicitor can be varied too. It is a good role for someone who enjoys an intellectual challenge, which can arise when dealing with the most complex of cases. People who enjoy solving problems, arguing and strategising may find themselves suited to a career as a solicitor. Working as a solicitor can also bring you into contact with many different types of people from many different walks of life.

Great career progression

Being a solicitor offers the potential for good career progression. There are many different types of law in which solicitors and law firms can specialise, such as family law, property or criminal law. There are also many different types of law firms you can work for. Some specialise in one particular area of the law while others, such as Parachute Law, offer a range of different services. Once you have trained, there is always the possibility of setting up on your own, joining a firm in a town such as a firm of Ascot solicitors, for example or even joining a large London law firm. If you find a branch of law you particularly enjoy, there is scope to specialise and work within that field.

Well paid and respected

Becoming a solicitor can be very financially beneficial, with starting salaries at anywhere up to £40,000 and solicitors at City firms earning in excess of £100,000. Solicitors working in small to medium firms may expect to take home anywhere between £50,000 and £80,000. The role of a solicitor is still seen as valuable and respectable. It is likely that most of us will require the services of a solicitor at some point in our lives, most commonly when purchasing property or making a will.

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In most law firms, you get the chance to work within a team. This means you get support from colleagues and a sense of team spirit. Law firms are not solely made up of solicitors, with other roles including legal secretaries and paralegals.

Overall, the role of a solicitor is a valued but challenging one. If you enjoy helping people, like to be challenged intellectually and are not afraid of hard work, then working as a solicitor might be right for you.

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