What Are the Steps of Applying for an IATAN Card?

The International Air Travelers’ Assessment Number is an official document. Travel agencies use it to assess the risk level of travelers seeking entrance into a country. It is intended as a guideline for governments to place visitors according to their risk level. This ensures they can be better protected while traveling abroad. The following are ways to ensure a traveler’s card application process goes smoothly.

Apply for an IATA Association

As the first step in the IATAN card application, experts recommend that you request an application to join IATA (International Air Transport Association). Upon acceptance, you can take advantage of all the benefits of being an associated member to travel agents. This will allow you to deal directly with your customers. It will also provide clients with security and peace of mind when traveling internationally by air.

Name the Company as the Agent or Individual in Charge of the Company’s International Sales Office

You will need an individual in charge of your international sales office or home office. The agent will receive customer credit card information and confirm their booking details. They are also responsible for sending out correspondence to customers whenever they have booked travel through your agency.

Print Business Cards or Letterhead With the New IATA Code

Ensure that customers know that they should contact their representative for any questions. You may not be able to answer every query directly. For example, your representative does not receive invoices or other documentation from carriers. This person will have to forward these documents to you. This will enable you to answer customers’ questions.

Ensure you have received confirmation from your sales agent or individual in charge of international sales. They should prove that they can accept payments on behalf of your travel agency. This includes getting credit card information. The final step is to download an IATA application form.

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