Tips for Choosing Artwork

Whether you have moved into a new home or you just want to refresh your décor, you may be looking to update your artwork. If you don’t work in the art world, you may not know where to start, and you may be intimidated by the process. However, choosing art doesn’t have to be stressful. Consider these tips.

What Do You Like?

Choosing artwork is mostly intuitive. As you visit galleries and people’s homes, think about what you like. Do you prefer paintings or fine art prints? Do you like impressionist, still life, modern, surreal, abstract or fantasy art? You have to look at your walls every day, so avoid choosing pieces that you don’t like even if they were produced by popular artists or are popular prints.

What Does it Say About You?

Your artwork should be a form of self-expression. It should say something about you. Therefore, choose art that shows your personality. The color, composition and subject show different things about you. They can tell pieces of your story and remind you of your memories or events in your life.

What Kind of Space Do You Have?

You also need to evaluate your space. Your artwork shouldn’t be too large or too small, and it should complement the décor and other art in the room. Large walls require pieces of significant size. This art should make a statement. Small pieces should be sought for smaller walls or those with lots of furniture or other décor on them.

What Atmosphere Do You Want?

Next, you want to identify your room’s purpose. If you are filling a family room, you may choose pieces that promote relaxation and comfort, while a formal dining room may require a different feel. Consider how you want the room to feel, and when you look at artwork, identify how each piece makes you feel and whether that feeling fits into your room’s target ambiance.

Let your artwork be a statement and tool used to bring a room together. Don’t be afraid to invest in pieces you love, and choose those that represent you and your family.

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