Rats – One of Nature’s Most Resourceful Creatures

Rats are one of natures most successful species – evolving to live alongside humans has made them one of the most prolific species around – although they are much maligned as disease ridden pests, rats are also very intelligent and very resourceful. In fact, many people know that rats make great pets and share a bond with them.

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In the 1800s, the sewers were built to manage the water in London and then all over the country – to stop water borne illnesses and disease from breaking out, the sewers were an integral part of the infrastructure of Britain during the age of the industrial revolution. In fact, many of the sewers put in place by the Victorians are still in use today.

These tunnels, deep underground, provided rats with the perfect habitat. Already well equipped to utilise their close proximity to humans, rats thrived in this new environment, where they not only had a home but also easy access to food.

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Nowadays, lots of new ways have been introduced to hep manage sewers and drainage, such as drain lining and sewer and drain surveys – but rats are a consistent feature of the sewers and drains all over the UK and indeed the world, and show no signs of slowing down or dwindling in number.

Brown rats may not have the best reputation with humans, but one thing that you have to admire about them are the fact that unlike many species they have not only been resistant to the impact that humans have had on the planet but have also embraced it and utilised it.

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