Planning the perfect Christmas meal

Christmas will soon be upon us and many people are starting to plan their big Christmas meal. It is important to think about who you want to invite for Christmas dinner, check you have enough space at the Connubia Calligaris Tables that you bought for your dining room for all your guests to sit comfortably and to start planning the menu. To ensure the day goes without a hitch, here are some ideas to help you plan:

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  • Guestlist – one of the most important things to have planned as early as possible is the guest list. Knowing how many people are coming for dinner and whether they have any food allergies or intolerance, will be key to getting your menu sorted.

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  • Menu – once you know who is coming you can set about creating the perfect Christmas menu. If you are going for a sit-down meal you might want to consider what starter, main and dessert you are going to offer. If you are going for a buffet option you will want to ensure that you have a mixture of savoury and sweet delights.
  • Space – making sure that you have enough space for everyone and the food is key. You might have children coming to Christmas dinner and you can either seat them at the same table as everyone else or, depending on their age, it can be nice to have a children’s special table laid out for them.

Once you have these three elements sorted you are all set for your big Christmas feast.

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