Music options for your wedding

Weddings are one of the happiest and joyful occasions that you can ever have or attend. Hopefully, this will be your day and, along with everything else you need to consider, the music is essential.

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The main problem that Brides and grooms have it what to have the first dance to. Usually, it’s the tune that was playing when you first met or got together. Perhaps it’s just “your song”. The first dance is actually relatively easy when you consider it. However, the real issue is the bride’s entrance. This has to be absolutely perfect. It’s the first big “thing” of a wedding (and relief for the Groom that the bride has turned up!).

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The entrance is all about impact. For example, Princess Diana came down the aisle to “I vow to thee my Country” by Gustav Holst, which was quite apt. Staying with Classical music, Pachelbel’s Canon is always famous, as is Bach’s light and airy Air on a G string.

More contemporary options include Evergreen by Will Young, being one of the most popular. Other options are Whitney Houston’s version of “I will always love you”. Whatever you choose, a location like this Kent Barn Wedding of is the perfect setting for the day. At least you’ll know that the site is excellent, and you can concentrate on sorting the music out for the big day with some peace of mind.

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