How to Get an Australian Permanent Residency and Citizenship

You can apply for Australian citizenship and permanent residency. You must have been a citizen for at least 12 months. Moreover, you must not have been absent from Australia for more than three months in the past year. Exceptions are business interests, which require frequent travel outside Australia. If you have a strong character, you should be able to prove it. This article will provide information about different streams and requirements for Australian visa types.

Documents proving good character

Providing evidence of good character is crucial for many immigration applications. However, submitting documents proving good character does not always work. In some cases, this evidence can hurt your application. Providing proof of accomplishments or character will do more harm than good in those cases. Good character is defined as the absence of serious criminal offenses and generally fulfilling the obligations under the law.

Documents proving good character to get an Australia visa are essential for citizenship applications. A police certificate is required for applicants who have worked on a ship for at least a year. The police certificate should indicate the job description, the dates that the person began working, and a character statement stating that an applicant is a good person. If you do not have a police certificate, a letter of good conduct will do.

Direct Entry stream

There are two streams of immigration for skilled workers – the Labour Agreement and Direct Entry streams. The former requires applicants to be nominated by their employer and meet specific health requirements. The latter requires applicants to have worked for at least three years in a particular occupation. Furthermore, both streams require applicants to meet specific age, character, and language requirements. In addition, the Direct Entry stream requires no previous criminal records and requires applicants to meet specific qualifications.

To apply under the Direct Entry stream, an employer must nominate you and provide a Transaction Reference Number (TRN). If you meet the criteria, you must apply for a visa within six months of your nomination. Visa applications can be lodged online or at an Australian Embassy or High Commission office. However, you should be aware that the processing time varies depending on the type of visa and the employer’s requirements. Generally, 75 percent of applications take between 14 months and 17 months, while 90 percent take up to 24 months.

Labor Agreement stream

If you’re looking to immigrate to Australia, you may be wondering how to get an Australian permanent residency and citizenship through this stream. The Labor Agreement stream is a program that allows current employers to sponsor their employees for permanent residence. However, this may be difficult to achieve in the current pandemic because the Department of Home Affairs prioritizes Australian workers. Employers must prove that they have tried to recruit Australians and that the position genuinely needs a foreign national. The cost for the Labor Agreement stream is around A$4,115.

To qualify for the Labor Agreement stream, you must work in a specified occupation in Australia for at least two years. This occupation must be on your nominated occupation list. Then, you must be employed by an approved employer. In addition, you must have worked in your occupation for at least two years, which may require undergoing a skills assessment. However, you do not need a bridging visa if you apply for permanent residency through the Labor Agreement stream.

Family stream

You can become an Australian permanent resident by choosing the Family stream when applying for citizenship and permanent residency in Australia. If you are an Australian citizen, you can become a member of the Australian Defence Force, work in Australia indefinitely, sponsor family members for permanent residency, and travel as long as you have valid travel facilities. According to annual migration statistics published by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT), in 2016, 69.5 percent of applicants applied for permanent residency and citizenship by choosing the skill stream, while 30 percent used through the family stream.

You can bring any immediate family members to Australia. If you are applying for citizenship by marriage, you can get your partner or dependent children and your parents. To apply for this visa category, you must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen. You must meet specific health requirements. You can bring your partner or dependent children with you.

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