The world of parenting: an introductory guide

In order to learn anything, you need a lot of time and practice. But what happens when others depend on you to learn something fast and well. This is the world of parenting, full of new experiences, challenges but also filled with amazing moments. We know parenting can be very scary and hard to imagine, but we also know that it’s not impossible to learn. We can’t teach you before you learn yourself, but we can give you some tips that will help you panic less. In this article we put together some things that you should keep in mind if you’re about to become a parent. Read along and get ready to hop on this amazing journey of parenting. You should also check the guide from Kids Health, as they have more medical insights.

Sleepless nights

The first thing you hear about parenting is one that is not very encouraging: “get ready for the sleepless nights”. While in some cases this is true, and your kid can wake up in the middle of the night, this is not a certain rule. You should treat this as a possibility and not a 100% sure fact. You can’t really do anything to prevent this, but if your baby does wake up during the night, you can try to calm them down with white noises, a rocking bed or a weighted blanket. And don’t forget that babies sleep a lot during the day as well, so if you really deal with sleepless nights, you can take some naps during the day. There’s a solution for everything!


When it comes to the clothes you buy for your baby, you should look for natural materials. Newborns have very sensitive skin and they can get rashes easily, so the clothes you dress them in have to be picked right. The most common material for children is cotton. It allows their skin to breathe and it’s soft to the touch, making sure it doesn’t irritate the skin. Wool has the same properties while providing more warmth, if you have a winter baby. You can check for naturally made high quality baby clothes made out of these materials and make sure you get more sizes as your baby will grow from week to week.


Yes, your newborn baby is very fragile and sensitive. Yes, you have to make sure you hold them right and you dress them well. All of this may seem like you’re overprotective of your kid, but the reality is, you really have to. In the first couple of weeks you should also be attentive to how clean the environment around your baby is. All of this is because they are new into the world and it takes some time for them to adapt to the real conditions.

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