Five ways to obtain Greek citizenship

Known for its temperate climate with warm summers, rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes, Greece is a popular destination for anyone looking to relocate for business, retirement or to raise a family. Since Greek citizenship offers many benefits, such as access to top healthcare, quality schooling, tax advantages and its real estate market, many consider making the move.

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But how do you obtain Greek citizenship? We explore the different options in this article.

By Investment

In Greece citizenship by investment may be your best option if you have no family link to Greece. This allows you access to the Greek Golden Visa Program and requires a relatively low investment.

Purchasing either commercial or residential real estate of 250,000 or more opens up the program, giving you a five-year Greek Golden Visa. After this, an investor could apply for a Greek passport, although there are certain processes and rules to follow. An experienced law firm such as Georgakilawfirm can advise further.

By Descent

You’ll be a Greek citizen if one of your legal parents was born in Greece, you were adopted by a Greek citizen, you were born in Greece with a parent legally resident there for five years beforehand or one of your grandparents was born in Greece or was naturalised.

By Marriage

After 1984, marriage to a Greek citizen doesn’t automatically entitle you to Greek citizenship, but it does allow you permanent residency. If you’re a Greek descendant, however, with any of your ancestors marrying a Greek citizen before 1984, you could apply for a passport based on descent.

By Naturalisation

For those of Greek origin or with residency under the Golden Visa program, this process involves residing legally and permanently in Greece for a period of seven years before applying for a passport. This can sometimes be reduced to three years in cases involving marriage, a shared child with a Greek citizen, or for refugees.

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Military Service

If you have Greek ethnicity and apply for voluntary or full military service in Greece, you’ll obtain citizenship from the point of your enrollment into service.

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