Stand out from the crowd with an eye-catching professional design for your school prospectus

Your School Prospectus needs to be eye catching to attract the right level of desirable, potential, future students to your outstanding educational facility. With over twenty years’ experience in designing school prospectus brochures professional companies such as who are specialists in School Prospectus Design can help your school achieve the best results possible.  Your school will stand out from the crowd with an eye catching, professionally designed and printed prospectus brochure. Whether you are a small independent primary school or a large State School, Private college or Academy these elite professionals can design and create the right prospectus for you.

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You will work together with these specialists to create an individually designed prospectus, choosing the right print size and finish that best suits your school’s ethos, ethics, goals and educational achievements. Everything will be included in the price, from school photography, design, copy writing and school branding. These experts can also transform your school website and improve your marketing, promoting your educational facility successfully.

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From Secondary Schools, Sixth Form Colleges, Multi-Academy Trusts, Special Schools and Independent Educational Organisations, with an individual, colourful, interesting and professionally designed prospectus, these educational facilities will continue to attract future students, grow and thrive. Having worked exclusively in the education sector and with an experienced team of over thirty designers and writers these elite professionals can really turn your schools prospects around and make a positive impact on the levels of students you attract.

Niru Eilish

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