Living the dream, in a motorhome by the sea.

Have you ever thought about selling your house and using the profits to buy a motorhome, so you can travel around England and live by the sea?  Strangely this is a dream that many people have but few actually follow it through and do it. If you are coming towards retirement age, your children have left home and you and your husband can afford to work part time then the dream could become a reality.

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If you are not sure about motorhome living, then either hire one for a few weeks or buy a reasonable second hand one of your own.  This way you can try travelling around, finding the perfect location, and living there for a few weeks in your home on wheels. Before you set off get your finances in order, make sure you speak to a trained professional such as Bath Accountants and keep your money safe, where you can get to it if needed but in the meantime it’s working for you and earning  a good interest rate.

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Once you have tried it out and decided you love this easy, relaxed lifestyle and feel you are ready for life on the open road then go for it, you only live once so don’t have any regrets. Sell your house, buy a good condition second-hand motorhome, plan where you are going and hit the road. You can always supplement your savings by doing some casual work if you want to.


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