Lighting Ideas For An Impressive Hallway

Lighting ideas for an impressive hallway can be applied for various interior and exterior purposes, making this particular area of the house a prime choice for decorating among homeowners. A well-lit and spacious hall will surely make any homeowner feel much more comfortable and secure while walking in and out of it. In terms of design, good lighting is a combination of visual effects and practicality. The ambiance or mood of a space must be properly conveyed to its users.

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Lighting for the hallway must also be flexible and efficient at the same time. Hallways are often narrow, which makes it difficult for you to install big chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Instead, smaller pendant lights or recessed bulbs and wall sconces will do just fine. Aside from giving your stairs and hallway a better look and feel, good lighting ideas for an impressive hallway will also make them safer for you and other family members. Along with lighting, don’t forget the need for a Ceiling Rose. Visit Creative Cables ceiling Rose for more details.

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For effective lighting ideas for a hallway, you must also use your creativity when it comes to the type of lights you will use. You can hang wall sconces or mini pendant lights from the ceiling to highlight architectural details or use hanging lanterns on the walls which can add additional lighting for a cosy ambiance. These can truly prove to be helpful if you want to add an accent to your stairs. You may also choose to put dimmer switches so that you can adjust the lights according to the time of day or night.

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