Cerebral Palsy and its impact on mobility

Cerebral Palsy is in fact a group of conditions that affect the mobility of an individual as well as their balance, posture and coordination. It is the most common mobility-related disability that affects children. The symptoms that are experienced by people can vary in their number and in severity. Some individuals may be able to be fully independent with the help of mobility aids and WAV Vehicles such as the ones from clarkemobility.com/ in later life.

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The condition is caused by abnormal development of the brain during pregnancy or damage that occurs to the brain as a result of natural childbirth or issues during labour. These damages or abnormal development affect the way in which the individual can control their muscles. This is shown in the difficulties that they can experience in relation to movement and in coordination and fine motor skills.

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A person symptoms will usually not worsen over time, although they may change in terms of how they affect the individual. There are a number of ways in which cerebral palsy can be screened for that include during pregnancy and by monitoring the development of the child to see how their fine motor skills and gross motor skills are developing with age.

The treatments that are used will depend on the needs of the individual and can include medications as well as mobility aids such as brace and walk frames and also wheelchairs if the individual finds that their muscles grow weary over time.

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