Basic Prep Tips for a DIY Car Paint Job

Repainting your car is an extensive process, but there are important tasks that need to be completed before you add that fresh coat of paint. Here are some simple but vital prep tips to help you get started.

1. Repair All Blemishes on Your Vehicle and Remove the Trim

Get rid of any bumps, scrapes, dents, and rust on your vehicle. A new paint job will highlight these flaws and turn them into eyesores, undermining all your hard work. If you plan to remove these imperfections by yourself, you will want to do this well in advance so that it doesn’t eat into your time to paint.

The trim of your car should also be taken off for the paint job and replaced with new trim after the paint has dried so that your car looks shiny and new.

2. Have the Right Equipment

Possessing the proper equipment is essential for a successful paint job. To start, you will need three basic power tools: A sander, an air compressor, and a paint sprayer. It is inadvisable to purchase these power tools unless you plan to use them frequently. Instead, find air compressor rentals Jacksonville FL companies and other power tool rental businesses.

You will also need some non-electronic tools, such as masking tape, safety goggles, newspaper, sandpaper, primer, and paint thinners. You can even buy a paint suit to cover your clothes if you would prefer not to get them dirty, but this is not a necessity. Just be sure to wear plain clothes that you don’t mind soiling because some materials leave permanent stains.

3. Clear Your Workspace

Your workspace should be free of valuable items and general obstacles. Once this is accomplished, clear the area of dust and debris so that it doesn’t stick to your car when the paint is still wet. If your place of operations is outside, spray the pavement with a hose to weigh down tiny particulates and park your car far away from trees and plants.

After you have performed these tasks, you will be all set to paint!

Jack Henry

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