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Are there crocodiles down the drains?

The sewers and drainage systems are some of the most unpleasant places that you could ever need to go into. It’s one of the reasons why so much fantasy and horror is set in them. They are the underworld, the domain of our waste. Only the decayed and deformed live there. This is a bit unfair to the people that have to work in them. It’s also something of a comfort to them that CCTV Drainage Surveys like that from can be sent down first to make sure what the problem is in terms of blockage or what is splitting the drain liner.

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One of the most common myths that have persisted is that there are alligators or crocodiles thriving in them. To date, no one has found one in the UK, but the legend starts in New York City. There were reports of the alligators roaming around the sewers growing to adult size. The reason this myth began is due to the true fact that over 100 alligators are rescued from people’s homes in the city almost every year. This practise is now illegal and the trade has fallen dramatically. However, there could be some basis for truth.

As the baby alligator grows it becomes unmanageable and the owner either flushes it down the toilet or it seeks refuge in the dampest and warmest place it can find, with a ready food supply of rats. It’s not the first time such a legend has come up. In the late eighteen hundreds, there was a similar tale told about wild pigs living in London sewers. They would come out and menace people on Hampstead Heath. There have been sightings in Florida, but this is due to humans destroying the natural habitat of the reptile. Another case was of a baby alligator found in Paris. It had escaped its owner and now lives, contently, in an Aquarium.

Are there any scientific facts to suggest there might be a colony of living crocodiles and alligators? It seems that New York City would be the last place for it to happen if it did. Alligators love warm climates and weather, it’s why they prefer the swampy conditions and bayous of Louisiana and Florida some 500 miles south. New York is on a longitude higher than Glasgow and Edinburgh. Temperatures can drop well below freezing. If a baby crocodile or alligator did get down into them it wouldn’t be able to survive the cold of a New York winter.

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This is where the fiction writers get hold of the story and start to have fun. Perhaps these are mutant Alligators that have grown to enormous size and decided to go crazy. Maybe they are like Leatherhead in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Tips for Coping With the Emotional Stress of Divorce

The most important tip for dealing with divorce is to try to stay calm and not make decisions in anger. It may feel helpful at first, but you will soon find that the changes will overwhelm you and your ability to function. A simple self-help programme can be invaluable in getting through this time. You can also visit counselling to learn about coping with the divorce process. The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone and that there is help available.

Another important tip for coping with the emotional stress of divorce is to acknowledge the pain that you are feeling. The divorce process can be very similar to losing a loved one. The death of a loved one gives you a sense of closure and finality. However, a divorce is a very different matter. This is because the separation is an internal process that you are unable to fully understand. It can be difficult to feel the emotions that you are feeling. It is important to take a step back and remember that this is normal.

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The first step for recovering from divorce is to focus on taking it day by day. Don’t obsess about what will happen in the next week, but focus on the challenges you face in the present. You can use these tips to help you cope with divorce and get on with your life. If you find that they are too much to bear, consider consulting a therapist. Often, they can provide additional support and advice.

In addition to coping with the legal process, you should make a plan for your own recovery. While the emotional stress of a divorce can be overwhelming, a healthy and positive plan can help you cope. By learning how to release stress through activities, you will feel better overall. The best way to cope with a divorce is to reinvent yourself. This involves working on a new career, making new friends, and finding ways to make yourself happy again. Before embracing a new relationship, don’t rush into things and get yourself checked out physically with Home StI kits Bexley from

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It is important to note that divorce is a difficult time in your life and that it is normal to feel upset and angry. It is common to lose sleep and lose your appetite, which is a sign of depression. When you lose your sense of self, you may even stop caring about your appearance and your health. These emotions can make it hard to focus on anything else. If you feel these things, it is important to find someone who can help you deal with your divorce.

While you should remain in touch with your spouse, you need to keep yourself focused on yourself. Your happiness is your most important priority. Keeping yourself happy can help you cope with the emotional stress of a divorce. This will ensure that you feel more comfortable with your new partner.


Signs Your Vehicle’s AC Needs Repairs

Your vehicle’s air conditioner is an important feature. To continue functioning properly, it must be maintained.

However, even if your AC is maintained, issues can arise. Knowing the signs, you need to take your car to an auto ac repair shop Fairfax VA will help you keep your vehicle cool and comfortable all year long.

Inconsistent Cooling

Is the cooled air not coming through the vents? If so, it’s a sign that your vehicle is likely low on refrigerant. It may also be a sign that there is a refrigerant leak. Because of this, you should take your vehicle to a mechanic right away.

No Cold Air

If your vehicle is not producing any cool air, there’s a chance there is a problem with the ventilation fan or that a hose has come loose. It may also be due to accumulated mold, dirt, or dust in the system. If this happens, it will be almost impossible for the evaporator to operate as it should.

Strange Odor

Strange smells wafting through the vehicles of your vehicle when you turn on the AC is an indication it needs work. The smell is usually because of a dirty cabin air filter or because of mold growth.


Is the air conditioner in your vehicle leaking water in the cabin? If so, it may mean the drain is blocked, which could cause even more problems. It’s another sign that you need to get your vehicle to a mechanic.

When it comes to issues with your vehicle’s AC, there are more than a few signs that will let you know you need to take it to the shop. Knowing what these signs are will help you act and get the system operating properly again. Being informed is the best way to ensure your car’s AC continues to work effectively.

Four Dangers to Look out for on a Construction Site

In the UK millions of people work in the construction industry and with the ever-increasing population and need for new buildings such as homes and schools it is an industry that is always in demand.

However, it is also an industry where care must be taken as construction sites can be dangerous if workers are not trained thoroughly, or health and safety is not strictly adhered to. From following site rules regarding health and safety, to wearing the correct personal safety equipment such as steel toecap boots, hi visibility jackets and hard hats – all of these things are in place for a reason, and that reason is safety!

Here are some common accidents to look out for on a building site…

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Tools and Equipment – There are many tools on a building site that are used to help make jobs easier. From tapping machines like this to power tools like drills. As well as these there is also large equipment like vehicles which are used on building sites. This means that all equipment that is being used should not only require adequate training, but also that people around these tools and vehicles should be aware of safety measures that they should take.

Trips and Falls – The nature of a building site means that there are many opportunities for these types of accident. Ground that is uneven is commonly found on building sites, and trenches and holes can be dug which can be dangerous for those walking around. Because much work is being done outside the weather can then make this more dangerous when heavy rain and ice can reduce visibility or make surfaces more slippery to walk on.

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Chemicals – Some substances that are used when building can be dangerous or toxic. When renovating older buildings, there could be a risk of asbestos exposure, as well as the many paints and solvents that are used in building which can be dangerous to breathe in. When dealing with these sorts of things, it is very important that the correct guidelines should be followed. When it comes to asbestos, it should not be handled by anyone who has not been properly trained in clearing it as it is very risky.

Noise and Vibrations – Power tools are very handy when it comes to getting the job done, but excessive noise that the tools make can cause damage to the ears, which could result in permanent damage and hearing loss, or tinnitus. Because of this, it is important that ear defenders are always worn when doing this kind of noisy work. The vibrations of some tools can also cause problems. When they are used for long periods of time it can cause damage to the hands and arms such as tendon damage and not being able to grip.

Things You Can Ship Using a Plastic Card Mailer

Credit cards are an extremely versatile tool used for many daily activities. One less well-known use is as a type of packaging material. Although using these traditional cards gets less popular due to increased card debt, plastic card mailers are still very functional and appropriate in some situations. If you are trying to choose the best way to package your product, this could be helpful information. The following things can be shipped using plastic card mailers.

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How to package your items after sale

Selling your products online is incredibly exciting, but it is important that you think about how best to get your products to your customers in a quick and safe way. This is especially important if you have items that are valuable and susceptible to breakage. This is often why high priced items are delivered by Couriers Camberley way such as

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It is important to ensure that you pick a box that is big enough to comfortably house the product. It is better to have a box that is bigger than you need rather than trying to cram a product into a small space. You can protect the item by using packing beans or air pockets that allow you to cushion the product in the box and to fill up and spare space that could allow the product to move about in the box.

Once you have packed and sealed the box you should add the shipping label and ensure that this contains all the address information plus any special instructions that the courier will need to know. You should also clearly mark if the items are fragile and also include a returns label in case they are unable to deliver your items successfully.

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Make sure that you include a thank you card or compliment slip in with your products and perhaps a coupon code that will encourage your customer to buy other items from you in the future. Some businesses also like to pop in a little surprise free gift as a thank you for those who spend over a certain amount of money.

How the Eurovision Song contest has evolved.

In the 1950’s the continent of Europe was emerging from the shadows of the most destructive war ever known. Economic deprivation was being relieved by the US Marshal Plan but the scars of the war were still evident. Rubble lined the streets in many areas and the recovery would take some time. What was needed was ways to bring the continent back together and try to heal the divisions. The Fairs Cup and European Football matches was one way, the Formation of the European Coal and Steel community ( the start of the EU) was another. However, it was felt that the Arts was where great strides and cooperation could be made. And so the Eurovision Song contest was duly born.

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As with the European Coal and Steel Community it also began life in 1951. The first contest was held in Salerno in Italy. It’s been going on without fail ever since. The only exception being for the COVID19 outbreak of 2020. It started to be regularly televised from 1956 onwards and it is not only the longest running international song contest it is also one of the longest running televised events. Back in the 1950’s you’d need to have very good reception to pick up the pictures from the continent and a TV aerial repair Cheltenham based operation like would have been as invaluable then as they are know.

The format is very clever. Each country, usually via their state broadcaster, sends a singer or group to perform a song of no longer than 3 minutes. Whichever country is successful gets to host the event the following year. The idea is that the contest allows the country the chance to exhibit themselves as a place of culture and well worth a visit. It also allows for some friendly competition and a chance to share ideas and the shared experience of being European.

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Sadly this has not completely worked out to be true. Even from the beginning it was clear that favorites began to emerge. The UK always gave Ireland 10 or 12 points (giving them victory over the UK at decisive moments on several occasions). Cyprus always gave Greece 12 points and Turkey nothing and in one memorable example the Portuguese song was used to signal the start of a military coup.

The situation became even worse after the fall of the Soviet Union. Now all the East European countries could compete. The competition had to be extended to qualifying shows before the usual Saturday night Grand final. This has made it harder of Europe’s fringe countries like the UK and Ireland as they have no neighbours to vote for them. Also The UK leaving the EU has not helped matters. How the Russian entrant will be received this year is also going to be interesting to watch.

Clothes for stylish work wear

If you have recently started a new job, you might be looking to get yourself a nice new work wardrobe. The clothes that you wear for your job will depend very much on the work that you do. In some cases you might be required to wear a uniform and in other instances they may simply request that you wear smart clothing.

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If you are allowed to choose your own workwear you might want to consider looking at ways you can be smart but also reflect your personality. Mens Tommy Hilfiger Clothes like those from Louis Boyd can be a great option.

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There are many ways that you can show your personality through clothing and this includes looking at the colours that you wear. You might pick a more traditional colour for your work trousers and jacket, but you could liven this up with a nicely coloured shirt and a vibrant tie. You can also inject some colour into your outfit with stylish socks and some trendy shoes.

Recent trends have seen men in office jobs wearing colourful and stylish waistcoats over their shirts and using these as a way to show their personality, whilst still staying formal enough for the workplace. In some cases this can also help you to develop a memorable image that will help with bringing business in. Clothing can become a part of an individual’s personal branding. This works particularly well for business owners.

Short-Term Loan Knowledge

Unexpected expenses can hit at the worst time. Whether you’re an individual or business owner, chances are there will be a time where you’ll find yourself in need of additional funds. Finding the right kind of loan option can feel overwhelming, and accruing additional debt isn’t something most people take lightly.

Fortunately, options are available and if you’re not wanting to obtain a large loan paid over an extensive amount of time, short-term loans may be a better fit for you and your goals.

What Are Short-Term Loans?

Typing in short term loans Mississippi, or wherever you’re located, will bring up a list of company’s that service short-term loans near you. These types of loans are typically used for a sudden expense for personal or business capital needs. Short-term loans offer funding with a fee that is expected to be paid in a shorter amount of time, such as, six months to a year.

This option can be essential to business owners, especially start-ups that may not be able to gain credit from traditional banks due to their relatively new business venture. Capital is needed to keep a business funded and when you’re first starting out, all the unexpected costs of running a business present themselves.

When it comes to individuals seeking out a short-term loan for personal needs, this option can be a less stressful one that offers a quick response and deposit in the bank. People shouldn’t be kept from obtaining things they need and with stipulations of a traditional loan being more extensive, an alternative route is required to get access to funds.

What Are the Types of Short-Term Loans?

These loans are offered mainly in several ways:

  • Lines of Credit
  • Installment
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Payday Loans
  • Invoice Financing

If you’re a business owner seeking a loan, the options you’ll be likely using will be the lines of credit, installment, or invoice financing. With lines of credit, businesses can access funds when needed like a credit card. Payback usually happens monthly with a fee. For installment loans, the funds are wired all at once after they are approved and payments begin on the terms agreed. Invoice financing utilizes a business’s accounts receivables to determine how much to lend. Amounts are paid off once the receivable is paid by the customer.

Personal loans typically use the payday, installment, or lines of credit option. With a payday loan, the individual can take out a loan that represents how much they earn. This loan will be expected to be paid back with a fee, by the following paycheck.

Having options for your business or personal needs is always a great thing to count on when an unexpected cost hits your way. If you’re unable to qualify for a traditional loan or looking for something more short-term that can be paid off quickly, then short-term loans could be a viable option for you.

Mergers Versus Acquisitions in Business

A common way to quickly grow a business is through merging or acquiring another company. In many ways, this is like starting a new business, but there are vital factors you need to keep in mind.

If you want to combine with another business, this article provides a basic overview of the process. Keep reading to learn more.


Sometimes the terms merger and acquisitions are used interchangeably, but they have significant differences. In the business world, mergers are pretty rare. This is because mergers create a whole new entity out of two or more businesses. Usually, two firms will not benefit or agree to the legal process of dissipating their original structure. It is much more difficult for two companies to compromise than for one company to take precedent over important decisions. However, merging is a valuable and essential strategy for some companies. If you want guidance for your merger strategy Dallas TX, contact a professional in your area.


Acquisitions are much more common in business. During an acquisition, a company is bought out by another business. This can mean the absorbed company retains its name, but it can also lead to the liquidation of the former entity for cash flow.

Before a merger or acquisition happens, the businesses must be evaluated for their worth. It is probably necessary to hire a professional business valuator who will use a variety of objective measurements to determine the value of the companies. Once the valuation is complete, both parties have a good idea of proceeding with the negotiations and can make reasonable offers or requests.

Merging and acquiring other businesses is a vital business strategy that allows companies to grow and expand their operations quickly. However, there is a risk involved with taking on the structure of another company. Make sure you consult with professionals before making such a significant decision.

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