Turn off mobile phone

When you’re in the family, turn off the cell phone!

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One of the main enemies of the family unit is the mobile phone. Discover how to prevent this technological device from ruining your family relationships and communicating with those you most love.

How mobile phone impact in your life

The mobile phone, that device that allows us to connect with the world from anywhere. It is destroying one of the main treasures of the human being: communication with his family. It is common to see that in restaurants, shopping malls and other public places to whole families that, instead of concentrating on the conversation with theirs, they engage in chatting, taking photos and talking to other people. Regardless of the ones who They surround them.


And is that, in addition to the already known addictions to technology. The fear of being “disconnected” means that from parents to children they are unable to separate. Even for a moment, from their cellular devices. This fear has a proper name, is called nomophobia and is one of the new diseases caused by technology in humans.

Nomophobia and family

In addition to causing hundreds of traffic accidents in the world, the cell phone is also causing a new disease: the Nomophobia. But what is all this illness?

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Nomophobia is a term meaning “No Mobile Phobia” and arises after security company SecurEnvoy conducted studies on the subject of cell phone addiction in the UK. One of the main findings of this study is that 61% of men and 70% of women suffer from stress, anxiety, panic, sweating and other symptoms when they cannot use their phones.

The leading causes of nomophobia in a human being are:

  • Virtual life on the real.
  • Difficulty in making and maintaining adequate social relations.
  • Addiction to work.
  • Distance relationships.

As a family, the main consequences of having nomophobic parents and children are:

  • Learning problems in children.
  • Anxiety and depression in teenagers.
  • Couple fights.
  • Problems of respect for the other.

What to do?

To avoid that the technology robs your precious moments in the family, we recommend to you:

Talk about respect: We all need limits. So, talk about the importance of respect with your children and teach them that there are spaces where the cell phone and other distractions have no place.

Give an example: Children copy their parents’ behaviors. So, while you’re with your kids, it restricts the use of the cell phone, tablets, etc.

Encourage fun times with family: Hobbies, board games, a good chat, etc., will make the use of the cell phone is less and less fun and necessary.

Do you think the cell phone can harm communication in a family?


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