Wheel Fitting Measurements

When you want to buy new wheels for your car, it can feel a little daunting. Where to start? Here are some of the basics that you’ll want to start with:


The best place to start is to look at the wheels you currently have and make a note of their diameter. This will be given in inches and is the distance across the face of a wheel. The width, also measured in inches, is the distance from the front of the wheel to the back.

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Pitch Circle Diameter

This sounds complicated but in fact refers to the number of holes drilled into the centre of the wheel. This is likely to be 4,5 or 6. The second part of this measurement is a little more tricky. It refers to the diameter of a circle as drawn around each of the holes. It can be calculated in millimetres by measuring the distance from the centre of any of the holes to the next hole.


Again, this is hard to visualise but refers to the angle of the back face of the wheel on meeting the hub in relation to the centre of the width of the wheel. Thi8s measurement is required to see how far a tyre needs to sit inside the wheel arch. Seek help from a professional and find out more about Alloy Repair Cheltenham at a site like https://apexwheels.co.uk/services/smart-alloy-repair/

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Centre Bore

This refers to the size of the hole at the rear of the wheel that is used to fix the wheel to the vehicle’s wheel hub.