Using a Carmarthen skip hire company to spring clean your home

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A new tidying craze has been sweeping across the country over the last few months as more and more people come across the delights of the KonMari method developed by Marie Kondo. So why not take a look at her technique and contact a Carmarthen skip hire company to take all your unwanted items away.

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Her technique essentially surrounds the concept of only keeping items in your home that are essential or spark joy for you. This means keeping items that make you feel happy or bring you some sort of positive feeling. It can be difficult to first identify what this feeling is and so Marie suggests picking up an item that you know makes you happy and not how you feel as you hold it in your hands. There are six rules linked to her tidying method:

  • Make a commitment to tidying
  • Visualise the lifestyle that you desire
  • Discard all unwanted items first
  • Tidy based on the category of item rather than the rooms – for example sort and tidy through all of your books across the whole house not just the ones in your bedroom.
  • Follow the order of tidying items that she gives, always leaving sentimental items until last.
  • Always ask yourself if the item you are holding sparks joy for you.

Marie has noted that Shintoism has influenced the way that she tidies. This is in part due to her fascination with the Shinto shrines when she was younger and her period of time working as an attendant maiden. Her inspiration came from the teachings in Shintoism that objects should be treated with respect and that a tidy environment can create a calming living environment that is sacred and a location for positive energy. This is why when you discard an item away Marie believes that you should quietly thank the item for what it has brought to you.

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Her method is not about minimalism, unless you want it to be. The aims may include downsizing your tems but this is proportional for each person and will depend on what you are looking to achieve as well as the items that bring you joy and happiness. The entire process is about only having things in your environment that benefit you either from a practicality point of view or produces happiness.

So why not take a look at the KonMari Method and see whether it can help you bring some joy back into your life and environment.

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