Understanding Two Standard Cash Advance Options

A cash advance can bridge the gap between your unexpected expenses and subsequent payroll receipt. You can turn to a lending institution to provide a cash advance against your next paycheck or withdraw cash against an existing credit card account.

How Does a Payroll Cash Advance Work?

A cash advance lender Mississippi can offer you a payroll advance when an emergency finds you unprepared to pay for it.┬áPayroll cash advances are government-regulated short-term loans against upcoming earnings. You must provide the lending institution with a personal check with the date of your next paycheck. Be sure to include the amount you wish to borrow plus the institution’s pre-arranged transaction and interest rate fees. Before writing the check it is essential to ensure that your next paycheck will cover the total amount.

State governments impose limits on the payroll cash advance amounts borrowers may receive, and borrowers must repay loans with interest and fees within clearly defined periods. Most states limit the number of loan rollovers borrowers may obtain and reduce the loan amount with each subsequent loan. Also, lenders must have a valid license to perform loan services and maintain a postal address and physical space in a regulated zone. In addition, lenders must show and receive valid identification before transacting loans.

How Does a Credit Card Cash Advance Work?

Credit card cash advances are less involved than payroll loans. Your credit card account will offer a line of funding separate from your credit limit, which you can use to obtain immediate cash at an ATM. You can borrow any amount up to your limit. Credit card cash advances work best for short-term cash needs because the APRs that accompany them are higher than those for your standard credit line, and interest starts accumulating immediately. Still, you can quickly replenish your total cash advance funds availability when you repay the loan.

When you need immediate cash, you can choose between two standard cash advance options to meet your financial obligations before your next paycheck arrives.